The reason we offer viewing appointments is because we like to offer you a more personalized experience when you visit our pet boutique.

We do not bring all of the available puppies to the pet boutique everyday.

When you schedule a viewing appointment we can make sure that the breed of puppy you are interested in or specific puppy numbers are at our location the day you plan your visit and want to make sure that we bring puppies with us that day that are in your price range.

A appointment is required to view a specific puppy on our web site at our location. 
We need to know what puppy you are interested in so that the owner can bring it with her the next day from her home. Appointment must be made by 4:00 pm the day prior to visiting our location if you want to see a specific breed or puppy number. We can bring up to 3 puppies only if you have the specific puppy numbers. The owner does not bring all of the puppies to our Dallas location everyday. We need to make sure the puppy that you want to see is at our location the day of your appointment.
You can request to view puppies by specific breed, size or price range let us know what works best for you.

Drop-ins are always welcome however the wait could be up to 2 or more hours before viewing puppies if we have other appointments ahead of you.
You can request a 1, 2, 3 or 4 hour viewing time on weekdays. Viewing time is limited to 1 to 2 hours on Saturday. Some people need more time to select a puppy while others fall in love right away and are ready to proceed with the purchase. Appointments are made one hour apart and we never want to make you feel rushed - just let us know if you feel you will need more than one hour. We suggest that you book a appointment before 10:00 am before we get busy if you feel you will need more time on a Saturday so that we can offer you more personalized service.
Private viewing when we are closed - Private viewing fee is listed below in red.

Each family can spend 1 to 3 hours viewing puppies and it takes an hour or more to process your paperwork and explain new puppy care after you decide on a specific puppy. Appointments work better for families that are limited on time or have a hard time standing while they wait for the viewing room to become available. Saturday viewing appointments are normally booked by Friday. You can be placed on a call back list in case someone cancels if Saturday puppy viewing appointment are full.
Maybe open as late as 6:00 pm on Friday & Saturday - Call before coming if you have a long drive. 


It can take up to an hour or more to process your paperwork & give you care instruction after you decide on a specific puppy. 

Please allow an extra hour if you feel that you may purchase a puppy on your visit.

One & 1/2 hour visits are recommended for customers that are just looking.

If you are bringing the whole family or feel that you may have a lot of questions or may want to view a lot of puppies you may want to schedule a longer viewing time. We only bring out 2 puppies out at a time and it may take a while if you want to see more than 2 puppies.

We never want to make you feel rushed however you need to be aware that another family will come into the viewing room to look at puppies as soon as the viewing time you requested is over. Please reserve extra time if you feel that you will need it.

Schedule a Visit!

Bring the family and friends to see the cutest tiny teacup & toy puppies in Texas. 
Spend as much time as you need to ask questions and get to know the personality of the puppy you plan to spend the next 15 years with, in our large puppy viewing room. Your welcome to come and spend the day or visit often until you find the perfect puppy for your family. 


A viewing appointment is not the same as a purchase appointment or a commitment to buy.

Scheduling a viewing appointment does not hold a puppy and the puppy you have scheduled to view may possibly be sold to a customer who completes a puppy purchase or adoption application for a specific pet.

You can submit an application for the pet you are interested if you feel that if all goes well you will purchase the pet you are coming to see and it will be held for you for 1 full business day.

First Viewing Appointment is @ 10:30 am