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Regular Waiting List Application

A $100.00 Deposit & $25.00 Application Fee
is required to be on our puppy waiting list.
$100.00 of your payment can be used toward your puppy purchase.
$25.00 of your payment is non refundable.
If you proceed with purchasing a puppy from Teacup And Toy Pets
you can apply the $25.00 application fee toward pet shipping or supplies.
The $25.00 credit cannot be used on adoption pets.

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When you click submit you agree that should a puppy become available for you to purchase it will be provided by Teacup And Toy Pets and understand that the puppy you purchase is according to the purchase agreement which includes the health guarantee, size guarantee and policies administered by Teacup And Toy Pets.
And you have read and agree to the waiting list rules and policies provided by Teacup And Toy Pets /
www.TeacupAndToyPet.com I also understand that the $25.00 application fee is non refundable and non transferable if pet is to be purchased as a gift it must be purchased in my name in order to apply my deposit to the pet purchase.
For more full details visit the information section of our web site.
Select file then print on the top left side of your browser or this window before you select the submit button to keep a copy of the application you submitted.