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Puppy Number # MP 1038
Sold to: Barbara in Upland California

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SEX: Male

COLOR: Beautiful Golden Apricot
DATE OF BIRTH: 1-19-2009
Training Status: Advanced in training. This puppy has been pre-trained at our location
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MaltiPoo Coat Type: Perfect MaltiPoo coat excellent balance of curl and hair texture.

Shedding Poodle: Hypoallergenic Non Shedding.
Shedding Maltese: Very minimum seasonal may have min shedding during season change as we change from winter to summer. Or when entering a heat cycle or loosing puppy coat.
MaltiPoos normally have no shedding if it has more of a poodle type hair texture.

Grooming: Less grooming required than average Maltese or Poodle, MaltiPoos hair normally does not grow as rapidly as a pure breed.

Comments: Malti Poos are the # 1 Top Designer Breed in the world, owned and highly recommended by many celebrities.

Poodles is the most intelligent breeds available in the world. Easy to train and eager to please.
Commonly used in many circuses because they are fast learners and very smart.
Maltese are admired for their soft silky coat texture and their carefree loving and funny personality.

Pet Status:
Designer Breed 



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