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SIZE: Tiny Teacup
SEX: Female

COLOR: Brown with a light golden brown and touches of white.
BIRTH: 1-11-2009
Personal Comments from the owner: This is the most beautiful tiny teacup puppy we have ever offered for adoption. She has a awesome silky soft coat texture and super sweet loving personality. If you would like have first choice of our lower priced adoption puppies please join our adoption waiting list. When one of these adorable tiny little puppies need a home you will be given first choice with the option to take or pass on any adoption puppies offered from our pet boutique. Please read " Adoption Pet or Waiting List Information Page " on the left of this page for more information.
HEALTH COMMENTS: The reason this puppy is being offered for adoption is becuase it has a heart murmur we are not sure if it is a mild, moderate or severe heart murmur.
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