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Pet Inquiry Form
Use this form to submit questions on specific puppy number.

Pet Inquiry Form for a Specific Puppy

Please keep in mind we do not commit to holding a puppy for you until you have submitted a Puppy Purchase Application, and have received a confirmation from you letting us know that you want to purchase the pet in question.
This form allows you ask specific questions on a specific puppy and receive a quicker response.

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All questions and offers on this form are only for the puppy number you enter.
Please fill out a separate form for each puppy you are inquiring about.
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If this pet is a surprise for a Birthday or gift.
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Select this option if the puppy is currently on hold. Please Contact me if this puppy becomes available.
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If I do not purchase this puppy I, would like to be added to the waiting list for a upcoming puppy. Please contact me and let me know how I can be added. ( Deposit Required to be added to our waiting list )
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If the puppy you are inquiring about is on temporary hold, on hold for pick up, shipping or payment etc....

Please fill out a Puppy Purchase Application for this puppy.

If you feel confident that you would like to purchase this pet, if the hold is released.

To be fair to all that inquire, this form is limited to 3 questions. It allows us to answer a few questions for you then move on to someone else that has also submitted questions on the puppy you are interested in.
You may submit as many forms as you need or move onto submitting a Puppy Purchase Application once you feel confident in purchasing a specific puppy.

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