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                                                                           * IMPORTANT REMINDER *


1. Within 2 days if you have purchased a Tiny Teacup, Tiny Toy or Teacup Puppy
 2. Within 3 days if you have purchased a Toy or larger size puppy. We do not make any exceptions to this policy The danger of undetected health problems can be very costly.

We do not offer refunds on emergency or non emergency vet bills. By having your puppy examined right away it can save a trip to an emergency vet office, if your puppy should have immediate problems once it arrives at your location. This is why it is mandatory to have your puppy examined as soon as possible. If your puppy should feel stress from the trip it may cause your puppy to stop eating and become hypoglycemic or dehydrated.

Warning Signs to watch to for:
1. No appetite.
2. Puppy does not drink much water.
3. Puppy is lethargic and has no energy.
4. Blood in his / her stool.
5. Loose or runny stool.
6. Coughing or sound of congestion in puppy's chest.
7. If you pull the skin up on a puppy's back and it goes down slowly; the puppy is dehydrated and may need a vet to give it fluid if you cannot get the puppy to drink pedialyte.

There is very important information in your health guarantee that needs to be read right away. Health Guarantee is void and puppies are considered sold as is if not returned in the time allowed. ( 3 days ) If you cannot get an appointment the first day your puppy arrives to you, ask your vet if you can at least drop off a stool sample. This will allow them time to get the results back by the time of your first exam.
Don't let anything stop you from taking your puppy in for his/her first office visit. If you did not get your shot records in your new puppy folder, let me know right away and I will e-mail them to you. 
 If you have an emergency please contact your local vet or emergency veterinarian hospital. You can normally find one near you in your phone book, if you do not have one, call the telephone operator or information.

Send an e-mail if you need more help.
  Jan@TexasTeacups.com or PuppyPurchasase@TexasTeacups.com
You can call our Pet Boutique during business hours at:
1-972-552-1989 or 1-972-552-9132 
Leave a message if you have general questions about your puppy or his / her shot records.
Becky's Cell Phone for urgent messages: 972-533-6535  or 972-898-8495
We receive a massive amount of e-mails in our other mailboxes, and do not want your e-mail to be overlooked. This is why we ask that you send e-mails to the appropriate e-mail address for a faster response.

Please add these words to your subject line: Question from: John Doe /Your Name
 If you have an urgent message......
Urgent Message From : John Doe /Your Name This will help us in our response to you. It will enable us to locate your customer file and answer any questions you may have about your new puppy purchase.

E-mail all of your shipping questions and changes to this e-mail address only because the person in charge of shipping your puppy needs to be aware of any changes you need in case the person handling your puppy sales is out of the office the day your puppy is shipped.     
                   ( PetShipping@TexasTeacups.comPuppyPurchase@TexasTeacups.com )


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