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Your New Puppy Will Be Arriving Soon !!!

A COPY OF YOUR SHOT RECORDS AND HEALTH GUARANTEE WILL COME WITH YOUR PUPPY. PLEASE READ YOUR HEALTH GUARANTEE AND TAKE YOUR SHOT RECORDS WITH YOU TO THE VET FOR YOUR FIRST OFFICE VISIT. For your health guarantee to be valid your pet must go to the vet within two days of arrival for tiny teacup, tiny toy and teacup size.
You have three days of arrival to take toy or larger size pet to your veterinarian.

If you should encounter any type of emergency, having an appointment set with your vet will eliminate the need to pay for an emergency office visit. Teacup and Toy Pets does not cover your pet's office visits with vet. Emergency visits are not covered by Teacup and Toy Pets . If you feel that your new puppy is in good health at the time of arrival, and the vet visit is not needed you can always cancel. You can reschedule for another time when it is more convenient for you. It is not common to have any problems. However, there is a slim chance that your pet may be exposed to hot or cold temperature changes, depending on the weather, this may cause your puppy to feel nauseated from the trip. Your puppy may have car sick like symptoms upon arrival. This can cause an alarm if you are a new puppy owner. You will feel much better getting a Veterinarian's opinion of your puppy's health condition once it arrives to you. This is why I recommend it.

Your puppy will be shipped in a climate controlled cabin in the plane, the same temperature as the passengers. However, they do not allow shipping of pets if the temperature is less than 20 degrees outside in the winter. Our vet recommends we not ship the puppy if the temperature is below 32 degrees. It depends on the size and age of your puppy. So, just in case the temperature drops the morning of departure we may need to reschedule for later in the day if we had your puppy scheduled to depart on an early morning flight in the winter.
If the temperature gets too hot in the summer, and we are shipping with American Airlines, we may also need to reschedule your flight. The highest temperature we can ship a puppy in the summer is 85 degrees. Continental is the only airline carrier that has a higher temperature restriction. On the day our puppies go to their new home, I wake them up early in the morning and they have a big breakfast. If it is warm outside, I take them out to play and potty, if not I spend some time with them in my sun room. After a little quality time together it gives me a chance to say my good-byes to them. I take them in for a little bath and we get them ready for the trip to their new home. I try to book the flights between: Departure Time: 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the winter so they are traveling during the warmest pat of the day and before 11:00 a.m. in the summer, if shipping with American Airlines. When we get to the airport they will be tired and sleepy from their busy morning, and ready for a nap. Once they are inside the crate they normally do not know the difference from being in the crate on the plane and being in the crate at my home because they cannot see outside of it. Nestled in with a cozy little blanket that smells like home, and after a long nap they normally wake up wide eyed and happy to meet their new family.
The day before, or on your way to the Airport please stop at your local Pet Store or Wal-Mart and pick them up a can of chicken flavored puppy food so they can eat as soon as you pick them up from the airport. They are normally hungry and thirsty if they had a long flight time. Do not allow your puppy to go over 3 hours without eating once it arrives at your location. If they do not eat their food right away, take some canned food and rub it onto the roof of their mouth. It will stick something like peanut butter, they should lick it on down. Science Diet AD canned food is highly recommend for puppies under 2 pounds. It can be purchased at your local vet's office. Second choice in canned food is: Chicken or Veal Baby food, Caesar's Select Dinners with chicken and veal in the yellow label, Eukanuba Puppy Weaning Formula (pink and white can), or Iams Puppy Food-chicken flavored in a yellow can. Do not buy them beef flavored food right away because it has added coloring and flavors that may upset their stomach.

Also, take some sweetened, purified water with you to the airport. I will explain below in the paragraph that talks about Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) Most of our puppies are very loving little dogs, so don't be surprised if they just can't give you enough kisses when they meet you. They are such happy little dogs and quickly learn who will be their caretaker. Once you get home, if your puppy does not seem very active you can give them a tiny bit of pancake or Karo syrup. If they go a long time without food they can become weak and there sugar level may drop. Nutrical has a very balanced source of sugar, vitamins and minerals that will be very helpful to your new puppy. You may want to pick some up at PetSmart or the vet's office. If you purchased a Tiny Teacup, Teacup, Toy or puppy that is less than 3 pounds at time of arrival, ask the vet's opinion and he will let you know if he feels your puppy could use the extra boost.

You can also request that we send some with your puppy for $15.00. You can pay for it by credit card or the send payment in the mail if you feel it will reach us before your puppy is shipped.
VERY IMPORTANT IN TOY BREEDS Please read about Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia) in the health section of my web site as soon as possible. Dehydration and Low Blood sugar can be prevented by giving your puppy 3 oz of Pedialyte and 3 oz of purified drinking water if possible, if not use tap water along with 1 teaspoon of pancake syrup, Karo syrup or honey. Vigorously shake all ingredients in a container, something like a bottle with a lid or sealed container. This recipe can be doubled if needed, then refrigerated for use later in the day. Rubber maid makes a great shakable container that liquids can be stored in, they can normally be found at Wal-Mart for less than $4.00. Have your puppy drink it for the first week that it is with you or until it has fully adjusted to his or her new home. This way your puppy is getting a little added sugar all thru the day. The reason I ask for you to give the puppy purified water if possible is because it may upset the puppy's stomach to make a change to a new home with a different drinking system than what it is used to while here with us. A 8 to 16 oz bottle of purified water that you can find at most small stores will work just fine. Also, take time to read the training section on my web site. It is the type of training they have received while here with us. If you stay with what we have already taught them, it will normally be a little easier to get them trained.
Once you have picked up your puppy she/he will need to go to the bathroom right away. So, you may want to make a little stop outside before putting him/her in your car or take newspaper and keep it in your floorboard on the trip home if you live a long way from the airport. You may even want to take a wash cloth or towel with you in case your puppy has an accident in the crate. Once you get to the airport look for the American Airlines, Delta or Continental information booth and they will let you know were he/she can be picked up. 99% of all flights booked are on schedule.

However, please call the Airlines before walking out the door in case there has been a delay in the flight due to rain, stormy weather or any other reason that may have caused them coming in a little later than planned.
If it is not O.K. to put your puppy on the next flight out please let me know.
 Airline Phone Numbers: 1-800-777-6931 or 1-800-227-4622

American Airlines 1-800-575-3335
Continental Airlines 1-888-736-3738
Delta Pet First
If you have a emergency and cannot pick up your puppy, please call me immediately on my cell phone 972-898-8495 or Office 972-552-1989

If you call and cannot get a answer, you can leave me a message on my cell phone. Sometimes, when I am at the airport the signal from my cell phone service does not come in clear. Therefore, I may not be able to let you know of any changes until I start to leave the airport and my cell phone signal starts coming in. I cannot make any long distance calls from the airport. For a limited time, Petco is giving away two months of free pet insurance. It could end at any time, therefore, we do recommend that you take this opportunity for a free trial offer while it is still available. A Pamphlet with your puppy's date of birth and shot records will be in your new puppy folder. http://www.petcarepals.com/gift.htm Click Here For more details or type in their web site address.

REMINDER: WE NEED YOUR FAX NUMBER IF AVAILABLE! PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME AND PUPPY NUMBER IN YOUR E-MAIL TO ME. To our New and Existing Customers that have made a recent puppy purchase, if you have been speaking to someone on a personal level feel free to contact them at the e-mail address they have given you. However, we do need for you to e-mail all of your shipping questions and changes to the e-mail address below only. The person in charge of shipping your puppy needs to be aware of any changes you need in case the person handling your puppy sales is out of the office on the day your puppy is shipped. PetShipping@TexasTeacups.com We receive a massive amount of e-mails in our other mailboxes, and do not want your e-mail to be overlooked. Please add these words to your subject line: Question from: John Doe /Your Name If you have an urgent message......
Urgent Message From : John Doe /Your Name This will help us in our response to you. It will also enable us to locate your customer file and answer any questions you may have about your new puppy purchase.
Select our contact information for hours and phone numbers.

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