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The following is a list of dogs considered to be hypoallergenic:

American Hairless Terrier
Airedale Terrier
Bedlington Terrier
Bichon Frise
Border Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Chinese Crested (hairless)
Kerry Blue Terrier
Miniature Schnauzer
Portuguese Water Dog
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier
Spanish Water Dog
Standard Poodle
Standard Schnauzer
Tibetan Terrier
Toy Poodle
West Highland White Terrier
Wirehaired Fox Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

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 Airedale Terrier Doesn't shed   Medium Size Dog Breed
 American Hairless Terrier No hair/No Dander  Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Basenji  Doesn't shed  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Bedlington Terrier Doesn't shed   Medium Size Dog Breed
 Bearded Collie Hair pH same as human hair   Large Size Dog Breed
 Bichon Frisé Springy undercoat doesn't hold much hair or dander
Mats easily
Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Bolognese  Doesn't shed  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Cairn Terrier Sheds little to no hair   Medium Size Dog Breed
Sheds little to no hair
Asthma and Allergy sufferers seem to do better with short or long haired Chihuahuas than with any other dog breed.
Toy Size
Chinese Crested  Has very little fur, doesn't shed much    
Toy Size
 Coton de Tulear  Doesn't shed Medium Size Dog Breed 
Dandie Dinmont Terrier   Doesn't shed  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Fox Terrier (Wire)  Sheds little to no hair  
Greyhound   Short hair, single coat Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Goldendoodle  Doesn't shed  
 Havanese  Doesn't shed  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Irish Water Spaniel Doesn't shed   Large Size Dog Breed
 Italian Greyhound  Short hair, single coat  Large Size Dog Breed
 Kerry Blue Terrier  Single-coated, short hair, sheds less Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Maltese  Doesn't shed   Teacup
Toy Size
 Peruvian Inca Orchid No Hair Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Poodles of all sizes and Poodle hybrids  Doesn't shed  Teacup
Toy Size
 Portuguese Water Dog  Doesn't shed  Large Size Dog Breed
 Puli  Doesn't shed Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Schnauzers  Short hair, sheds less  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Scottish Terrier   Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Sealyham Terrier  Doesn't shed. Produces less dander.  Medium Size Dog Breed
 Silky Terrier  Does not shed. Hair may come out when brushed or combed. Toy Size
 Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Doesn't shed  Large Size Dog Breed 
 Welsh Terrier Doesn't shed  Medium Size Dog Breed
 West Highland White Terrier Sheds little to no hair  Medium Size Dog Breed 
 Yorkshire Terrier  Hair has same pH as human hair   Teacup
Toy Size
 Xoloitzcuintli  No hair  Large Size Dog Breed
  Affenpinscher   Doesn't shed   Medium Size Dog Breed
 Shih-Tzu  Sheds little to no hair    Toy Size

Hypoallergenic dog breeds are breeds that, for various reasons, might produce fewer reactions in people who suffer from allergies.

Although hypoallergenic dogs are not allergen-free, they secrete less irritating allergens than many other breeds. The significant allergen for most people is a protein found in saliva and dander and produced by the sebaceous glands.

For allergy sufferers, a hypoallergenic dog might enable them to have a pet in their home, whereas most dogs, cats, rabbits, and other furry animals can make their lives very miserable.

The proteins that cause allergies are found not only in the animals' fur or hair but also in saliva, urine, mucous, and hair roots and in the dander sloughed from the animals' skin.
Some dog breeds have been promoted as hypoallergenic because they do not shed their hair, shed very little, or have the same pH as human hair.