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Chihuahua/Terrier Mix Puppies Chihuahua/Terrier mixes embody the best of both breeds.
Terriers are generally very hardy, bold, high-spirited, and bright. Chihuahuas are intelligent, highly companionable, and lively. When you mix the two, you get a wonderfully adorable mix that is intelligent, hardy, and lively.

They have a more carefree outgoing personality and even tho they bond very strongly with their owner. They do not have as strong of watch dog personality that you see in most Chihuahuas.

They will bark when they hear a strange sound in the night and bark when someone comes to the door and normally back off immediately when they know that you are at ease with the visitor.
They are normally easier to house train and can be kept out doors most of the time.

With the exception of extremely hot or cold temperatures. They will need a heat lamp in their doggie house in the winter.
Many of our customers want a little dog in the back yard that will not knock their children down when they go out to play. A fun little dog that the whole family can enjoy without having to get the water hose out at bath time.

When I first started breeding I, purchased some AKC registered Chihuahuas.

As time went by I, noticed they did not have as much of the standard Chihuahua look that most people look for. Most of them had floppy ears, heavy-boned with a healthier look.

You may have purchased one yourself and questioned your dog's breed as it began to grow.

Did I purchase a, purebreed Chihuahua? Reading this may information page may help.

The pets that I had purchased did not have the tiny petite Chihuahua body that I expected. And decided it would be better to classify them as mixes and sell them at a lower price.

The popularity of our web site has grown to the point that I, no longer breed them.

The pure breed Chihuahuas that offer on my web site have more of the Chihuahua standard look as you see in the breeder show ring.

And I, have let a retired couple that has a great love for this unique breed take over breeding them.

Due to request for them from our customers that want a small pet that is a little heartier, we still continue to offer them to our customers.

I did a lot of research on this breed and talked to many vets about them.

One vet told me chances are they are pure breed because what a lot of people don't realize is that Chihuahuas originated in Mexico and at that time, they had a little stocky and healthier look. And what I, had purchased may have been one of the original Chihuahuas from Mexico.

That is the reason AKC APRI CKC and many breed registry clubs have 10 to 15 pound Chihuahuas on file and registered thru them as pure breed DNA tested Chihuahuas.
People that are looking for pet quality really don't seem to care, they just want a low priced healthy and cute little dog that will stay fairly small. Most people that want Tiny, like the Teacups don't seem to even buy these type so it really just depends on you and what you are looking for.

We just felt that it would be better for me to sell them this way than to sell them as a small purebred Chihuahua. I, try to be as honest as I can and don't want any of my customers feel mislead by the puppies I sell.

They seem be a little heartier than the tiny Chihuahuas not as skittish or nervous and a little calmer type personality. They are not high strung yet have a little more of a playful personality such as playing ball or fetch.

A a lot of people that have children or like to take their dog's on walks and are worried about tiny dog's that get tired easily or travel often may seem to feel this is a better dog for their family.

For example if you took a Teacup or Toy sized Chihuahua for a walk thru your neighborhood you may find yourself carrying it more than walking it.

The american breeders have breed down Chihuahuas to make them smaller.

And the breed registry clubs have set their own standards for a show quality Chihuahua. Giving the people what they want in a small breed.

We realize that not all lifestyles are the same, that is why we want to offer a little more variety in your choice of a long-term pet that will be the best companion and friend for you family.

If you have small children or toddlers in your home you may need a puppy that is a little heartier.

Most people prefer the Chihuahua Terriers because they normally don't have the skid dish, nervous watch dog personality that smaller Chihuahuas have.

They seem to learn tricks such as catching a ball, retrieving their toys and simple voice commands easier than the smaller Chihuahuas. They seem to pick up on these simple voice commands very easily. ( Roll over, sit, heel, play dead and shake your hand )

They highly requested by our Male customers, both young and older men love and enjoy their companionship.

My female customers tease and say that it is because men have a very limited amount of patience. And they enjoy the easy to train, loyal companionship of the Chihuahua Terrier. They don't want what they call a yappy little nervous dog nipping at their heels as portrayed in some movies.

Even tho they are preferred by Males we do have a lot of Females customers and Family's that enjoy them and feel they make a perfect pet.

These little Chihuahua Terrier Mixes have a life span of 15 to 20 years.
They are still considered a toy breed easy to bathe and care for, they never require grooming.
And it is extremely rare that they would have problems with Hypoglycemia ( Low Blood Sugar )

I also found this information on the AKC.org web site.

Did you know?

  • Chihuahua comes in two varieties: long and smooth coat.

  • The Toltecs, who existed in what is now Mexico as early as the 9th century AD, possessed a breed of dog called the Techichi.
  • The breed was small, but not tiny, and heavy-boned. This breed, regarded as indigenous to Central America, is the progenitor of the Chihuahua that exists today.

  • The breed derives its name from the Mexican State of Chihuahua, where the earliest specimens of the breed were found.

  • It is assumed that the small size of the modern Chihuahua results from a cross of the Techichi with the small hairless dog brought from Asia to Alaska over the land bridge that is now the Bering Strait.

    Alert, with terrier-like qualities.

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