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Party Colored Daisy Puppies

Lifetime Pet Replacement and Money Back Size Guaranteed
red maltepoo puppies for sale
MaltePoo Puppies
Rare Hard To Find Chocolate & Red
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We Specialize in Tiny Teacup, Teacup & Toy Size Puppies. Large colorful pictures & videos of puppies now available for sale.
Personally delivered into your hands any location. Breeding home of world famous celebrity pets!
We also have a large selection of tiny clothes, designer collars, pet carriers and unique pet beds for the pampered pet.

Our Lifetime Pet Replacement offers a replacement of your pet if death is due to any type of health problem as well as accidental death.


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Teacup and Toy Pet Supplies

All of the puppies that we specialize in, come from our breeding pets.

They are born and raised in a home environment and socialized with children and adults.
They have been taught our crate training method explained in the pet training section.
Some may be more advanced than others.
Free pet training video & new puppy care guide book included in puppy starter package that explains crate training.

We have teamed together with many pet suppliers to make your puppy purchase as pleasant as possible.

You will receive a large puppy starter package with any puppy purchase.
Along with additional perks and bonuses that keep coming in the mail from our pet sponsors up to a month after your puppy settles in his / her new home.
We save you over $100.00 right from the start with our free puppy starter package.
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Custom Made Dog Party Dresses Save up to 50% off grooming with coupons on our web site! Custom Made Teacup Dog Beds
Designer Dog Clothes

Zebra & Hot Pink Designer Dog Bed
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1. The answer to how & why we reduce the price of our puppies every 2 to 10 days until sold is in the puppy price options page.
2. Discount coupon page has coupons to help you save on your puppy purchase.
3. Free puppy & pet page offers information on how you can get a free puppy through our web site.

We currently have the smallest adult MaltiPoo puppy in the world!
Samsons first birthday is May 1, 2009
View pictures & videos in our photo gallery of this tiny baby & our available puppies or come in and see them in person at our location.


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Visit our walk in location for a complimentary certificate for a
Free Office Visit & Complete Veterinarian Physical Examination with any
pet or pet supply purchase of $10.00
Free Pet Travel Kit

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New Puppy Pet Supplies Offered

Tiny Dog Clothes
Eukanuba Small Bite Dog Food
Unique Pet Carriers
Puppy Playhouse Training Crate
Designer Dog Collars
Nutrical / Nutristat / Tiny Combs
Small Colorful Food & Water Bowls
Angel Eyes Tear Stain Remover
And many more items for small breeds

Average office visit & complete physical health exam for a new puppy is
$50.00 to $200.00
Plus Vaccines * De wormer * Flea Treatment * Services

You could spend up to $200.00 on your first office visit without this coupon
99% of all breeders will require that your puppy be examined
by a licensed veterinarian
within 72 hours of purchase to validate your health guarantee at your expense.
Free Puppy Starter Kit

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Angel Eyes
Tear Stain Remover

Airline Approved Pet Travel Carrier * Car Seat * Pet Bed

Teacup & Toy Dog Clothes

Unique Design of Pet Travel Carriers

Designer dog beds for the pampered pet

Designer Dog Collars

Teacup And Toy Puppy Dog Videos

Due to the size and amount of information we offer on our puppies and pet supplies we have divided our web site into two parts, both are owned and operated by Rebecca Bice. Photos and information of puppies available for sale are listed on www.TexasTeacups.com our original web site. We later added a large selection of pet supplies for tiny breeds and listed them on our pet boutique web site. Our pet supplies with photos and information on the products we offer are all listed on www.TeacupAndToyPetsBoutique.com